Distribution Transformer

Balaji Power Automation is a well known manufacturer of Distribution Transformer manufacturer in Ghaziabad, U.P.,  India. We at Balaji Power Automation are a team of engineers with expertise in the electrical field. We are engage in the manufacturing of distribution transformers. And special purpose transformers under the brand name Balaji Power Automation.

Moreover, We have undergo large RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT for achieving the goal of making BIS approved transformer upto. And including 2500 KVA distribution transformers of all levels of efficiency wiz:- LEVEL-1, LEVEL-2, and LEVEL-3.

We are manufacturing ISI approve onload distribution transformer starting from 200 KVA to 2500 KVA under BIS-1180(Jan 2016) and above 2500 KVA up to 5000 KVA under IS-2026 of all voltage class and covering all levels of efficiency and Power transformer ranges from 3 MVA to 20 MVA of 66 kV voltage class.

The distribution transformers is a transformer that gives the last voltage change in the electric power distribution framework. As well as venturing down the voltage utilize in the distribution lines to the level utilize by the client. The development of a down-to-earth productive transformer made AC control distribution achievable.

Distribution transformers ordinarily have evaluations under 200 KVA, albeit some national gauges can take into account units up to 5000 KVA to be depict as distribution transformers.

In addition to this, We mainly manufacture two types of distribution transformers:

1. On Load Distribution Transformers

2. Off Load Distribution Transformers

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