HT AVR (HT Servo Stabilizer)

Balaji Power Automation is recognized as a high quality servo stabilizer manufacturers and is listed collectively of the highest makers, Suppliers and Exporters of HT AVR (HT Servo Stabilizer).

Now, a days every one facing voltage fluctuation in every part of grid it doesn’t only cause breakdown but highly impact the aspects of production severely.  We have solution for same. By installing “Balaji Power Automation” H.T. Transformer with Built in H.T. AVR before distribution/ power transformer you definitely achieve fluctuation free voltage at end.

We make & one of best ht avr manufacturer / HT  Servo voltage stabilizers in India 

RANGE : Upto 20 MVA in 11, 22, 33 KV Class.

HT AVR or HT-Automatic Voltage Regulators or HT-Automatic Voltage Stabilizer are the high-tension stabilizers. It protects electrical equipment from the overloading of voltage. Balaji Power Automation Make Copper wound HT AVR suitable for indoor/outdoor installation. Copper wound HT AVR system is a revolutionary landmark in the industry when it comes to voltage regulation and stabilization. Even after the installation of standard distribution transformer the problem of low/high voltage on the LT loss of a plant. The standard off – circuit tapping of transformers is limit tapping. It can correct limited voltage variation and cannot regulate the voltage while in ‘on Load’ conditions. Additionally, these stabilizers also prevent the transformer and other electrical equipment from getting overload. We are one of the best HT AVR Manufacturers in India.

We Balaji Power Automation develops state of the art technology HT Automatic voltage regulator. That operates on load, sleeplessly & gives stabilized voltage on the HT side. The fluctuating voltage from Grid is initially control by the HT AVR. And then fed to the transformer resulting in the constant H.T. Output within ± 1% accuracy and the biggest advantage being its robust design; Lesser losses & more efficiency make the distribution transformer to utilize up to 100% capacity.

Therefore whenever there is fluctuation in HT, it also gets reflected in LT. Standard off circuit tapping can correct limited voltage variation and cannot regulate it completely but HT Automatic Voltage Regulator performs the function effectively with ±1% deviation.

ht avr flow diagram

HT Automatic Voltage Regulator

We manufacturers & suppliers of H.T. Automatic Voltage regulator & HT Servo Stabilizer. Our HT AVR operates on load continuously and provides a stable voltage on HT side. Additionally, Everyone is confuse about Ht Stabilizers & HT automatic Voltage Regulators & HT Automatic Voltage Stabilizer all are same. 

We offer state of the art Transformer with Built in HT-AVR. It is a combination of HT-AVR and a standard Distribution Transformer.

Construction of HT AVR:

H.T. Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizers have helical coils mounted on a conventional laminated core. Carbon rollers are assembly on a fiberglass carrier board and are traverse to the length of the coil track. The rollers connect to the electric output terminals. Nearby the regulating coil, a number of compensating winding connect in parallel. That is short-circuiting to reduce the effect of core-flux fringing. It also keeps the reactance of the regulator constant at any position of the rolling contact.

Technical Specifications:

Power RatingUpto 10,000 KVA (10 MVA)
Input Voltage(HV Side)Upto 66 KV
Output Voltage(LV Side)Upto 11 KV
TypeHermetically Sealed / Free Breathing
Cooling MethodOil Cooled / Air Cooled
Rated FrequencyAccording to Client’s requirement
Tap Changing MethodThrough AVR 
Vector GroupAccording to Client’s requirement
No-Load LossesAccording to Client’s requirement
Load LossesAccording to Client's requirement 
Applicable StandardIS 1180, IS 2026, IS 9815 & IEC 60076
  • The solid-state relay can sense variations: ± 1% of the rated output voltage
  • The relay operates on: 230 V, 1Ø supply
  • Output Accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Efficiency: above 98%

Standard Fitting for transformer & Regulator part :

  • Rating & Diagram plate
  • Lifting lugs
  • Oil Conservator with drain plug
  • Oil Level indicator
  • Top-filter Valve
  • Silica gel breather
  • Cooling radiators
  • Earthing terminals
  • Thermometer pocket
  • Air release hole with plug
  • Explosion vent with diaphragm
  • Inspection cover.
  • Drain –cum-bottom-filter valve
  • Uni / Bi- directional rollers


Application of HT AVR (HT Servo Stabilizer):

These HT-Automatic Voltage Regulators use in industries and the commercial sector for a stable input voltage.

  • Industries,
  • Power Generating Stations,
  • Receiving Stations, Substations
  • Railways 
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Steel
  • Hydro Power Projects
  • Textile
  • Engineering
  • Plastic
  • Cement
  • Refineries
  • Mining
  • Captive Power Projects
  • Wind Mill Farms
  • Construction Houses
  • Pharma
  • Electrical,
  • Electronics,
  • Renewable Energy,
  • Automobile

Advantage of HT AVR:

  • Utilization of the Distribution Transformer is to its complete capacity because the H.T. AVR shares the load of the Transformer and the linked load.
  • Losses are less as the incoming voltage either low or high is correct at the initial stage only.
  • Fluctuations in the H.T. Supply are not passing on to the Distribution Transformer.
  • Installation Cost is less in comparison to L.T. Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizer, for higher ratings.
  • Single Unit of H.T. Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizer can connect to more than one Distribution Transformer.
  • Economical for huge capacities like 2500 KVA and above or for wide voltage fluctuation range (eg. 9 KV – 12 KV, 27 KV – 37 KV, etc.)
  • It can place anywhere on the feeder line.
  • Output Voltage of H.T. AVR remains constant at any connected Load and up to full load.
  • Response time for Voltage correction is 20 microseconds.
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