Industrial Voltage Stabilizers

We Balaji Power Automation are one of the leading best exporter and Manufacturers of Industrial Voltage Stabilizers. Such as Rolling Contact Type Voltage Controllers, HT-AVR Industrial Voltage Stabilizer from Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR, India.

Industrial Voltage Stabilizers at Best Price in India

We, assure you While choosing Our Products you will get the best Quality Product apart from this you will get the Best Price of industrial voltage Stabilizers. We are manufacturing Servo Stabilizers from 100KVA – 10 MVA. Servo Stabilizer is a custom-built item. Means some customer may have a requirement from 280 Volt (Three Phase ). Or some may have a requirement from 340 Volt (Three Phase). It is a Differ Customer to Customer. So it not possible for us to give the prices for all the voltage variation for all the ratings. Please feel FREE to contact us for higher rating prices. Wanted to know what capacity of Servo Stabilizer you require? Call us @9888286233

Finding Voltage Stabilizer Industries In India?

Yes, Your Search Ends Here. We Balaji Power Automation assure you to provide Quality Products which also make us the Best Voltage stabilizer industries in India.

1. Rolling Contact Type Voltage Controller

Offered by us are high-quality Rolling Contact Type Voltage Controllers that use in various industrial applications. These stabilizers used for units that use for units with either L.T. supply or H.T. supply. Our voltage controllers can install in both indoor and outdoor sites. These servo stabilizers use in the production of a steady output voltage instead of fluctuations of the input voltage.

Product Details:

Input Voltage340 – 460 V
Output Voltage400V /415 V
RangeUp to 10000 KVA
Cooling MethodONAN Type
Correcting Speed6 – 10 v/sec
Duty Cycle100 %
Operating Temperature45 Degree C
MountingUni-Directional Wheels


  • Energy-saving features
  • Fewer breakdowns reducing production losses
  • Protection of electrical equipment
  • Better efficiency in plant and reducing MDI
  • 80% depreciation as per income tax
  • Saves Energy


  • Cold storage
  • Cement plant
  • Distilleries & beverages
  • Textile mills
  • Flour mills engineering units
  • Paper mills
  • Pharmaceutical Units
  • Food processing units
  • High Buildings Hospitals & Nursing Home etc.
  • Rubber Industries
  • Rolling Mills and Many more.

2. HT Automatic Voltage Regulator

We Balaji Power Automation develops state of the art technology HT Automatic voltage regulator(HT AVR). That operates on load, sleeplessly & gives stabilized voltage on the HT side. The fluctuating voltage from Grid is initially control by the HT AVR. And then fed to the transformer resulting in the constant H.T. Output within ± 1% accuracy and the biggest advantage being its robust design; Lesser losses & more efficiency make the distribution transformer to utilize up to 100% capacity.

Product Details:

Input Voltage11 KV/ 22KV /33KV
Output Voltage 400V / 415V /433KV
BrandBalaji Power Automation
Efficiency98 %
Output Accuracy+/- 1%

Our clients can avail from us a comprehensive range of HT Automatic Voltage Regulator. These products are manufacture using high-quality components sourced from trusted vendors of the industry. 

The main function of the regulator is to filter the fluctuation before feeding it to the transformer. These HT-Automatic Voltage Regulators find their extensive use in industries for achieving a stable input voltage.


  • Low replacement cost
  • 5% to 10% saving on energy consumption
  • Reduction in the breakdown period of the machines
  • 100% capacity
  • On Load step-less voltage variation

Industrial Voltage Stabilizer and Its Importance:

It is ordinary to have voltage stabilizers with Electrical Equipments like refrigerators, air conditioners, furnace equipment, micro oven, washing machines, etc. The main goal is to use voltage stabilizers in order to protect these devices against voltage fluctuations. Now Each and every electrical appliance design in order to operate under a specific voltage to provide the required performance. If the voltage is below or above a particular value, Appliances will malfunction or might operate in the worst condition.

What is Voltage Stabilizers

The voltage stabilizer regulates the voltage if the supply of the voltage fluctuates in a given range. It is electrical appliances that provide constant voltage to a load during over and under-voltage conditions. These are available as dedicated stabilizers for various homes as well as industrial appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, music systems and much more.

The Need of Voltage Stabilizers

Voltage fluctuations are nothing that changes of magnitude of voltage, which normally exceeds or below the steady-state voltage range may be prescribed by some standards.

Electric power distribution ranges from 230 volts-single phase and 415 volts- three-phase. Where all electrical appliances design in order to operate in the voltage range 220 to 240V.

Basic Principle of Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage Stabilizer requires two main purposes namely over voltage and under voltage. Process of increasing voltage from an under-voltage condition known as boost operation, whereas reducing the voltage from overvoltage condition known as buck operations.

These Two main operations are mainly essential in each and every voltage stabilizer.

Industrial Servo Voltage Stabilizers

Industrial Servo Voltage Stabilizers uses for various applications and are widely know as servo voltage stabilizers or regulators. It is proof that the electricity supply is not much stable in many parts due to which we compel to use additional devices such as industrial Servo voltage stabilizers for overcoming the shortfalls in electricity supply.

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