HT AVR Manufacturer


HT AVR Manufacturer

We Balaji Power Automation well know for Best HT AVR manufacturer in India. Basically, HT AVR also knows as HT Automatic Voltage Regulators. Many parts of India as well as in the world it also introduces as  HT Automatic Voltage Stabilizers.

The main work of the HT AVR is to regulate and to filter the fluctuation. Before feeding it to the transformer. The HT- Automatic Voltage Regulators mainly consist of two interconnected tanks. One is a buck-book transformer which uses for housing distribution. And the second part is for covering the servo voltage controller. The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) make to control a power transformer with the help of a motor-driven on-load tap-changer.

Best HT AVR Manufacturer in India

We are one of the Best quality HT AVR Manufacturers in India. Due to the overloading in the voltage, there is so much fluctuation in the voltage. So, to get relief from this problem we introduce an HT AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulators). Which use to protect us from the fluctuation of voltage in the electrical equipment and electronic items. We made the products according to customer preferences/needs. Our HT AVR is suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor installation.

HT AVR Manufacturer – Balaji Power Automation

HT AVR Manufacture by Balaji Power Automation makes with the copper wound strips and wires. We are one of the best HT Automatic Voltage Stabilizer manufacturers in India. Our name is growing day by day because of quality products. Due to the huge experience in the same field. We are capable to make the products according to the client’s requirements because we know what clients exactly want.

Our Motive:

Our main motive is to meet client requirements. We our-self make our complete range of our raw components. And use the best quality of raw material and we buy this from our trusted vendors. We have an in- house manufacturing facility. Which helps us to provide a guarantee about the quality of the product.

Specifications of Balaji Power Automation as Best HT AVR Manufacturer in India:
BrandBalaji Power Automation (BPA)
PhaseThree Phase (3 Phase)
CapacityUpto 10,000 KVA (10MVA) 
Class Upto 33 KV
Frequency (Hz)50 Hz / 60Hz 
Cooling TypeOil cooled /Dry Type as per Requirement
Place Of OriginGhaziabad (Uttar Pradesh)
ColorLight Grey or as per required
Body MaterialSteel
Packaging TypeNormal
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece

People ask:

High Tension-Automatic Voltage Regulators or HTAVR is the high-tension stabilizers. Its uses for protecting electrical equipment and home appliances from irregularities of voltage. We believe that the Customer is a God. So, we want to maintain a good relationship with the Customer for a Long Time. Providing the best Service to the Customer. We are ready to Serve Service anytime 24 x 7 to the Customers.  The Quality of the Product is our Prime responsibility to get Customer Happy. We aim to deliver the Best Products to the Customer. In Contrast, Compare to Other Products in the Market at a more reasonable price.

The construction of the HT AVR  (Automatic Voltage Regulators) done by our knowledgeable experts. It includes helical coils mounted on a conventional laminated core. On a fiberglass carrier board, the Carbon rollers gather. At the electric output terminals, the rollers connect. And it is located near to regulating coil. A large number of winding connects in parallel. To reduce the effect of core-flux fringing there short-circuits due to this it also keeps the regulator constant.

The HT Transformer is basically a combination of HT avr and standard ht Distribution Transformer. The company is an HT Transformers manufacturer with built-in stabilizers. And ht automatic voltage regulators are available in capacity up to 10000 KVA (10MVA).

People also ask:

  •  It has a Compact Design.
  • Due to HT AVR, there is a decrement in Electricity Bill.
  •  This Type of HT AVR has Large Better Efficiency.
  •  It has an Output Accuracy of +/- 1%.
  •  HT AVR does Minimum Power Loss.
  •  In HT AVR the low Input ranges can stabilize in High Ratings.
  •  HT AVR efficiency is above 98%.
  •  Having Low Maintenance.
  •  HTAVR Relay operates on 230 V,1Ø supply.
  •  HT AVR has Low Response Time.
  •  H.T. AVR has Long Service Life.
  •  HT AVR does Trouble-Free Operation.
  • HT AVR does Space Saving.
  •  Due to HT AVR, the installation cost has Reduced.
  • Being categorized as a power-saving device, the payback period for the cost of our HT-AVR is from 12-15 months. Depending upon the input voltage and no. of working hours of the plan.
  •  Power Saving (Reduction in Power Bills).
  •  Improvement in power factor and reduction in MDI
  •  Reduction in Breakdown of Electrical Equipment.
  •  Low losses as voltage fluctuation remove from the system
  •  HT-AVR supplies rated Stabilized Voltage to the Transformer. Thereby the utilization of the transformer will be up to full rated capacity and is protects from High/Low voltage fluctuations
  •  A single unit of HT-AVR connects to multiple Distribution Transformers.
  •  HT-AVR leads to better efficiency in plant.
  •  HT-AVR increases the excitation of the system even under fault conditions.
  • H.T.-AVR does the maximum synchronizing power exists at the time of clearance of the fault.
  •  HT-AVR controls the voltage.
  • H.T.-A.V.R. has the operation of the machine nearer to the steady-state stability.
  • HT automatic voltage regulators reduce the overvoltage’s which occurs due to the sudden load on the system.
  •  HT-AVR divides the reactive load between the alternators operating in a parallel way.
  •  HT-A.V.R. does the maximum synchronizing power exists at the time of clearance of the fault.
  • The HT-AVR does not give a quick response during the violent fluctuation.

The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) design to control a power transformer with a motor-driven on-load tap-changer. Moreover, Typically the AVR regulates the voltage at the secondary side of the power transformer.

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