Transformer Manufacturers:

Transformer Manufacturers by Balaji Power Automation which is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company located at Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR, India.  In Addition to this Balaji Power Automation is one of the best quality Transformer Manufacturers in Ghaziabad, Delhi & in India. The Quality of Product is also our Highest Priority.

What is Transformers:

Before going to this topic who is the best Transformer Manufacturer in India. We must know about the transformer. The Definition of Transformer defines it very Clearly.

A transformer is a static electrical device that transfers energy between its connected circuits by inductive coupling. Transformers are mainly used to increase voltage before transmitting electrical energy over long distances through wires. Transformers are also used in electronic products to step-down the voltage supply. To a level suitable for the low voltage circuits they contain.

As well as that they are many other advantages also with the transformers. Quality of Transformer Product of Balaji Power Automation leads out us from Other Transformer manufacturers. Especially we Proudly say that “we are one best leading Transformer Manufacturers in India”. Moreover, Our 4 MVA Transformer running in the steel plant of a very reputed company in India.

Transformer Manufacturers in India:

The manufacturing and quality systems laid down when we began this business in 2016. And we have been consistently upgraded as well as that we augmented keeping customer needs in mind. Additionally, we enjoy one of the highest rates of repeat orders in the industry. And the highest level of “comfort of ownership” for our transformers. Moreover, Our design competence, manufacturing processes, testing facilities, and quality assurance procedures. In Addition to this, We have enabled us to establish Balaji Power Automation as a reputed transformer manufacturer Company day by day. Also, we are one of the companies that manufacture transformer up to 4 MVA range at a very short interval of time. If you looking for a transformer manufacturer you can choose Balaji Power Automation without a doubt.

Transformer Products Offered by Balaji Power Automation:

  1. Power Transformer
  2. Distribution Transformer
  3. Special Purpose Transformer
  4. Furnace Transformer
Power Transformer – Up to 10 MVA; 132 Kv class:

– Unit Auxiliary Transformer
– Station Auxiliary Transformer
– Power Transformer
– Interconnecting Transformer (Auto Transformer)

Distribution Transformer 100 kVA & above and up to 132 kV Class:

– Hermetically Sealed and Conservator type of construction
– Stepdown Transformers
– Step-up Transformers
– Energy Efficient Transformers

Special Purpose Transformer:

– Testing Transformer
– Transformers having multiple secondaries

Furnace Transformer:

– Induction Furnace Transformer

& if you Still looking for Transformer Manufacturers of any other type you can contact us.

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