Special Purpose Transformers

What Is Special Purpose Transformers?

special-purpose transformer is a term as a transformer, which specifically requires voltage or current needs. Sometimes some machines use are of different voltage ratings than standard voltage ratings and can run according to their specifications only the special purpose transformers are requires. In our premises, the system can also be designs and manufacture according to the customer requirement

These type of transformers are not readily available ex-stock and are built only on specific requirements by the customer.

A special purpose transformer can be of high-voltage low-current type or low-voltage high-current type, depending upon the intended use. The capacity, in terms of KVA or MVA, again can be a wide range, depending upon the customer’s requirement.

Transformers for Special Applications


Balaji Power Automation specializes in manufacturing a variety of special-purpose oil-cooled and air-cooled transformers as per customer requirements.

  • Arc Furnace transformers
  • Auto transformers
  • Variable Transformers
  • Testing Transformers
  • Step Up & Step Down Transformers
  • Earthing Transformers
  • Zig Zag Transformers
  • Neutral Transformers
  • Balancing Transformers
  • Isolation Transformers up to K 13 rating
  • Induction Transformers

Special Purpose Transformer Manufacturers

We BPA one of the best quality Special Purpose Transformer Manufacturers. We are a most trusted name in between the topmost companies in this business, instrumental in presenting Special Purpose Transformer. The offer Special Transformer is known for its hassle-free performance. We offer Special Transformer are extensively used to adapt a 1000 VA load rated at 120 Volts to a 240.
Range: Up to 10 MVA, Voltage class up to 33 KV.

Special Purpose Transformers Manufacturers in India

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Special purpose transformer applications

These special-purpose transformers have a variety of applications in different industries, viz. electrical industry, automation industry, packaging industry, welding industry, control panels, cranes, etc. In short, wherever there is a special need for specific voltage or current values, a special transformer is wide uses.

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