What is Servo Voltage Stabilizers?

Servo voltage stabilizers know as LT Servo Voltage Stabilizers. A Servo Voltage Stabilizers is a stabilizer that stabilizes the LT voltage from the fluctuations. With the help of a Servo motor (i.e. also known as Synchronizes motor) using a BuckBoost transformer booster. The main purpose of using this stabilizer in industries is to get the constant output voltage

Introduction of Servo Voltage Stabilizer?

Basically, due to the high transmission of power from one place to another place the voltage drops. This results in high fluctuation in the LT side where application products use. The stable Input supply is a basic necessity in the absence of which sophisticated equipment does not give optimal performance. Major industrial loads are inductive in nature (i.e .A.C. Motors). They draw considerably high current at High & Low voltages. This resulting in higher losses which in turn increases the temperature of motors thereby reducing the motor life. Other types of equipment affected by high & Low voltages are Lighting loads(Bulbs & Tubes) Air conditioning plants Elevators & lifts, Medical equipment, etc.

For overcoming this Balaji Power Automation manufacture state of the art ‘Servo Voltage Stabilizers’ which ensure constant output voltage. Thus providing complete protection as well as optimum efficiency of all electrical & electronic types of equipment. With the installation of our stabilizers & maintain the output voltage of 400V(3Φ) / 230V(1Φ)  within ±1%. So the motors operate smoothly without drawing excess current.

Balaji Power Automation 3-phase stabilizers are manufacture using individual controls for each phase. Which makes it suitable for unbalanced input voltage and unbalanced load current. The balance type servo also supplies on demand.

Benefits of Servo Voltage Stabilizers

The maximum load in industries consists of motors, heaters & compressors. At high voltage, they draw higher current thus increasing the power Consumption & MDI and reducing the power factor. Electrical equipment is design for 230 Volts (1Φ ) i.e. 400 Volts (3Φ ) and has maximum efficiency at this voltage. This heavy electrical equipment draws considerably more power at higher voltage thus increasing the electricity bill of the industry. Similarly, in the case of bulbs & tubes. The percentage increase in power consumption will be more than double the percentage increase in voltage. The higher voltage also results in higher losses. Which caused the higher breakdown of Motors Lightings & all other electrical types of equipment.

Servo stabilizers can give a saving of up to 10-15% on power consumption. And the reduction in the breakdown of electrical equipment up to 80%. If the voltage supply is above the recommended voltage. Higher efficiency of your equipment if the voltage supply is lower than the recommended voltage.

How Servo Voltage Stabilizers Works?

Working principle of Servo Voltage Stabilizer

The main input voltage in Servo voltage stabilizers receives continuously which is a sense by sensing circuits. At instance time it gives feedback to the main control circuit which consists of a microprocessor. This microprocessor continuously receives values of input voltages and compares them with the reference value embedded in its program.

Whenever there is a high or low voltage at the input. The microprocessor gives a trigger to the motor driver. Based on the amount of high voltage or low voltage observed at the input. “Motor driver” moves servo motor Across the winding of the series transformer. So, it increases or decreases the number of winding and hence the voltage across the regulator.

The Servo motor shaft connects with the regulator part. Which is interlinking with rollers that is why it also knew as a rolling contact type servo stabilizer. The Rollers Move Linearly in Servo voltage stabilizer so that the induced voltage across its secondary also changes. So, the output voltage is constant when the motor moves in linearly.

This process takes place continuously so as to correct input voltages & gives output constant voltage.

Price of Servo Voltage Stabilizers?

The Price of servo voltage stabilizers varies according to customer needs. We Balaji Power Automation makes Linear Rolling contact type servo voltage stabilizers. These Stabilizers are relevant as well as High Efficiencient for any type of Industries. The Best Servo voltage stabilizer prices are according to the Customer Area. It varies from city to city or state to state fluctuations. If the Fluctuation is more the price is High & if the fluctuation is low then the price is less.

We Balaji Power Automation believes in Quality Products and is our highest priority. Our Quality Products makes a benchmark in Industries. We promise you to serve the best quality of servo voltage stabilizers at the very best price. Everyone is Just seeing the Best Price of servo voltage stabilizers in India. But in some cases, they comprise the quality. While choosing Balaji Power Automation servo stabilizer you don’t comprise quality. We are one of the best servo voltage stabilizer manufacturers in Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR, India.

Advantages of Servo Voltage Stabilizers?
  • If you install our stabilizer you will save up to 5% to 10% of the Electricity.
  • Reduction in Electricity bill automatically due to this.
  • It also helps in the reduction of the break down of the electrical equipment.
  • Better current-carrying conductor because it uses copper strip instead of copper wire.
  • The operation of servo stabilizer either by the automatic controller, motor control or manual operation by Handle.
  • Also, it helps in the improvement of the power factor up to 10-15%.
  • While installing stabilizer Indoor.it increases the life of the stabilizer.
  • The Efficiency of Balaji Power Automation servo stabilizers is approx. 98% to 99%.
  • Life of Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizer under normal working conditions is 15 – 20 Years.

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