Power Transformer Manufacturers

Balaji Power Automation is one of the best Power Transformer Manufacturers in India. A power transformer is an electric device that use to step up. As well as step down the voltage level of the supply fed to its primary winding. Particularly the stepping up or down depends upon the number of turns of the primary and secondary winding. Whereas If the number of turns on both the windings is the same. Then the losses of the transformer are negligible. After all, we may conclude that the voltage across each of the windings is the same.

However, the power transformer is one of those which use in the electrical substation. To convert transmission line voltage(132 kV, 230KV, 400KV, etc.) to distribution line voltage(say 33KV) also vice versa. Moreover, power transformers are useful to convert one level of distribution voltage(i.e. 33KV) to another level (i.e.11KV, which is the usual value of voltage in the distribution feeders).

Moreover, We produly to say that we are one of the company that Manufacturer 4 MVA Power Transfomers in India . At very early stages.

Brand Balaji Power Automation, Ghaziabad
Off-circuit tap changer to provide+5% to -5% in steps of 2.5% (or as specified by the customer)
On-load tap changer to provide+5% to -15% in steps of 1.25% (or as specified by the customer)
Phase3 Phase
Voltages11KV, 22KV, 33KV, 66KV, 132KV
Frequency50HZ/ 60HZ
Continuous duty 100% Duty Cycle
Paintingas per IS / IEC standards
Vector groupDyn 11
Standard fittingsas per IS: 2026 / IEC 76 / BIS 1180
HV sidecable box/Bare Bushings
LV sidecable box/bus duct

Transformer Manufacturers in Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR

We are one of the top best manufacturers of 3 Phase power distribution Transformers because of our Quality Product. We also know as Ghaziabad Transformers as well as Transformer Manufacturers in Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR. Our product comes with many technical specifications that developed over time backed by decades of practice and proficiency in transformers. Thus the range of power transformer goes up to 10 MVA i.e.10,000 kVA. The voltage classes are 33, 66, 100, 110, 132kV. And could be further changing as per the requirements of the client.

In Addition, We work on the internationally applicable standards IS2026, IS1180, IEC60076, ANSI, IEEE. As a provision of cooling, we have also equipped our power transformers. With the ONAN system which is the oil natural And also air natural systems. Besides this, our product also comes with ONAF. There are possibilities of any changes or additions depending upon the need of the clients. We provide both indoor as well as outdoor services. Our product works at a frequency of 50Hz as well as 60Hz.

Also, the Vector Group is Dyn5 or Dyn11 which can customize according to the customer’s needs and settings. The popular winding material used by us for power transformers is copper with multi-paper covering. For the taping range of the transformers that we manufacture. We provide the circuit and on load Tap Changers as per the client’s needs. In Addition to this, the Impedance provides is keep in line with applicable standards. In short, Our products develop with recent technologies & provided with different terminations to suit the requirements for installments or repairs.

List of Power transformer manufacturers in India by Balaji Power Automation.

DescriptionMax RatingsVoltagesStandards
Autotransformers 10 MVAUp to 132 kVANSI,IEC,IS,BS,NEMA
Generator Step-up Transformers 10 MVA Up to 132 kV ANSI,IEC,IS,BS,NEMA
Small Power Transformers 10 MVA Up to 132 kV ANSI,IEC,IS,BS,NEMA

After all, The company is also capable of manufacturing transformers to any other standards as per customers/consultants requirements

Power Transformer manufacturers in India

We, Balaji Power Automation make Copper power transformer manufacturers in India. Also, Our Power Transformers are useful for the step up & step down applications in the transmission network of higher voltages. We have an extensive background of ideas and knowledge in transformers. As a power transformer manufacturer, Balaji Power Automation has developed an inclusive collection of power & Extra High Voltage Transformers.

We have tried to design a product that works with faultlessness and exactness thus leading to perfection. Additionally, we believe in quality delivery for our clients & for this, we use the best quality raw materials. And also advanced manufacturing facilities to give an errorless and fast output. Adding on to this we provide both high voltage power transformers and low voltage power transformers to our clients. We also supply a step-up power transformer to increase the voltage from primary to secondary.

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